1. C

    Clutch problems/ high resistance and reversed lever

    My engine arrived a few days ago, i have everything assembled and am still working on the brakes and handlebars, but the clutch when disengaged had alot of resistance and felt like it was still engaged. I opened the clutch assembly, and all i did was remove the lock screw and flower gear, then...
  2. A

    Arrow 9.5HP 66cc Grubee

    A bunch of us are upgrading from the 4.5 to the 9.5HP Arrow engines. We like the power and performance of the 4.5 with a 36 tooth direct drive. With a motor with twice the HP how can I add multiple gears or automatic derailleurs to the "transmission" of power from the engine to the rear...
  3. G

    How and what to lube with grease

    I can't seem to fine any directions on how to lube the gears, shafts, bearings or whatever for engine and bike axles. Does anyone have any good instruction on this? Video links would be most excellent. Thanks!
  4. O

    internal gear hub or derailer gearing system???

    hi , just purchased 2nd bike a 26" single speed cruiser .about to purchase 66cc rock solid engine, dellorto carb, expansion chamber, hp cdi with lead and later on down the track high compression head with ceramic piston etc.. my big dilema is that i love the idea of the shift kit, (1st bike i...
  5. K

    Thoughts on swapping rear sprocket AND rear tire size

    I've got my 49cc mounted on a bike with 26" tires. Currently I have the stock rear sprocket but am going to put on a 60T when it arrives (I'm 240lbs and we've got hills here...the current one is pretty weak for torque, pushing my bulk around). I was considering replacing the rear tire with...
  6. Tomasito

    Nexus 3, 4, 7 or old Sturmey Archer?

    Hello, I'm in the proccess of making a custom motorbicycle, and I plan to use a internally geared hub. I live in Argentina, so I don't have many options. First of all, it HAS to have rollerbrakes or discmount because my rim doesn't allow me to use rimbrakes. I don't know any other brake...