1. RuskieTheInfidel

    Greetings from Arizona!!

    Hello fellow bike nuts, I will be doing a complete review(unboxing and building) on the GT90 conversion kit as well as Engine/Clutch internals kit, the parts arrive tommorow(shipping has already been a nightmare). Let’s see how it goes! I’ll be mounting the motor on this ’Sikk UFO’...
  2. D

    49cc 4G T Belt Kit vs. 79cc Monster 90 Bike Engine Kit

    Hello there, I just ordered a bicycle after having my 49cc Chinagirl for quite some time. I have put many, many miles on my 2 stroke. Before the 2 stroke, I had an older 4G T belt kit that I experienced issues with the bearing on the transmission. With that being said, I am looking at...
  3. rowenj

    Anyone ever bought from this website? I bought a kit a week ago and they still haven't ship it. I've tried emailing and calling them but no one answers the phone.
  4. E code

    Hey there, Does anyone know any coupon codes for that are not expired? the kit I want to buy is around $300 as I wanted to know if there is any working coupon codes. Thanks