gas cap
  1. L

    Honda GX 35 gas cap falling off due to vibration?

    I'm talking with someone from Craigslist who is selling their motor bike with a friction kit and Honda GX35 engine installed on it. They are offering to sell the bicycle, the engine, with the friction kit for $170. It's a no brainer if the engine works! The issue is, there's no gas cap (fell...
  2. SuperDave

    Tricked out gas cap

    Does anyone make a slick fuel cap for the Skyhawk GT2A aluminum frames? It would have to be vented to prevent vapor lock. I just did a site search & google search but couldn't find anything. Just looking for some bike porn to bling out my ride so I have something to ask Santa for, besides...
  3. H

    Gas Dribble from vent

    Anyone having seepage from their gas cap vent? The one on their bike, that is. The cap vent is a copper tube curled in a spiral 4 3-4 times It's clear when I blow through it, and dripples gas at odd times when riding. The tank is not completely full. Motor's a four stroke (Honda clone), 49...