1. 2

    Long time listener, first time caller

    So I've had my bike built for about a year and a half and i'm finally making an account. I've used this site a lot for help on my build, most of the questions I had were already answered and already solved my problem. I'm not sure I would of even gone through with the build If i was forced to...
  2. W

    Best Place to Buy a Kit From?

    I have done a fair amount of research into buying a kit for my bike but in the end I have come up short there is just so many brands and different types of engines that I will never through, so here is my question what is the best brand to buy from (I know that in the end I am going to still...
  3. B

    like to ride

    I hate ridding alone im seattle tophat area I love long rides im hopping to get a cruze or something going will travel
  4. T

    Motorized Bikes are AWESOME! Why do people do this????

    I've been working on my bike for over a month now, and damn I am really into this now! Just about every day I ride it around town, and if I don't get the chance then i'll take it out after sunset. Not trying to sound weird by any standard, but god, when I get my bike rolling at 30mph its like...
  5. PatTheThird

    Why are these so fun?

    I have a bicycle and a motorcycle. I cant put my finger on what makes my motobike so FUN! Stupid post i know. But i just cant get motorbicycling out of my mind. Please, does anyone have a hypothesis?dnut