1. G

    My new friction drive!!!

    I recently ordered a Bumble Bee Bolt On and it came in the mail yesterday. So this morning after I put my kids on the bus I cracked open the box and started installing it on my Raleigh 21 speed road bike. Fifteen minutes later I was done. I was shocked!!! It took me longer to go get gas and mix...
  2. D

    DIY the cheap and ugly way.

    I have some pictures of the built to post, but let's start with a video of my near to finish first homemade friction cruiser. Let me know what you think! cvlt1
  3. D

    BMP friction - want to modify to attach to seatpost

    I have a racing bicycle and I would like to modify a bmp friction mount to attach to the seatpost instead of the seat stays. I am looking for a clean look and a bit lighter. Has anyone here done this? I do not have a machine shop so I am a bit limited in what I can do. Thanks for suggestions
  4. VlamBallas

    60cc BMX with Vertical Shaft Friction Drive

    Greetings all, Thought I would start a thread 'bout my new project. I have built quite a few motorcycles in the past, though have never attempted a Motorized Bicycle before. So, Just the other day I was lurking around a little scrapyard near my workplace, when I stumbled upon an old push...