four stroking
  1. A

    First build- extreme loss of power/four stroking only under load

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get another opinion on the issue my motorized bike is having. This is a chinese 80/66 cc "flying horse" engine and is my first build. It didn't take me too long to get it up and running, and for the first few months (despite some minor troubles to work out) it...
  2. Richluhring

    66cc china, bogging

    so my engine is bogging at any throttle position once it levels out. whether it is 1/4 to wot. I have replaced the plug and fuel it came on sudden. I have checked intake and exhaust port, tightened all bolts, cleaned the carb, exhaust pipe is clear. I run 32-1 fuel/oil, now when it starts if I...
  3. D

    what is four stroking?

    maybe this has been covered extensively, sorry if it has... But i had this question and found a great video on youtube. thought I would share it with the group. What is "four stroking" ? - YouTube
  4. W

    Newbee With a Grubee in MT

    Hey from Montana. Got my kit (48cc grubee) put together on a Trek 800 mountain bike. Got a 2 questions. 1. Has any one tried a KMC z510hx bmx chain? It is rated at 2600 lbs tensile strength. 2. From 1/4 throttle to almost wot the engine four strokes. I junked the cns carb and replaced it...