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    What are the best budget forks?

    I am looking to get some forks that can last a lot of use. I ride my bike 30-40 miles a week and all the bumps are killing me. All the forks I have seen online seem to all have a bad review or they are pretty much for just the aesthetic and not meant for heavy use. I would say my max is around...
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    Sunlite springer fork

    hey everybody I'm thinking about putting a Sunlite Deluxe Springer Replica Fork on my 26 " cruiser bike with disc brakes. does anybody use this particular setup? or is there a better way i can go?
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    Any way to improve lowrider springer forks?

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone had experience or advice for making the "lowrider" Springer forks stronger? I LOVE the look it gives my bike (combined with the dyno apes I picked up), and it makes riding pretty smooth. Just as long as I'm going in a straight line, that is.... As for...
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    Suspension Fork on Cruiser

    So, I've been in the process of a mental construction of my first build. I'm ordering a 80cc (68cc) Skyhawk engine kit from Spooky Tooth Cycles tonight. Then I'll be in search of the ideal bike. I'm really drawn to the idea of a old Schwinn, but then installing a suspension fork with disk...