flex pipe

  1. JaxInsany

    Stock Muffler Addition!

    I got the idea from these very forums and all the sick exhaust setups I have seen posted here! I threw some stainless steel water heater flex piping on the end of the stock muffler and added a little 2 stroke Briggs and Stratton muffler onto the end of it all! In the photo's and video it is duct...
  2. shwnrttr

    flex pipe for hausheng

    anybody know if this would be a good exhaust for a hausheng?it says 1'' wonder if it would fit snugg over the stock 7/8'' pipe? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-1inch-corrugated-stainless-steel-tubing-csst-flexible-gas-tubing-per-foot-/140621600072