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    Intro: Jerbyrd666

    Hey everyone im Jeremy but you can cl me Byrd. I live in Sunny Southern California in Newport Beach and I've been following the forum for awhile now just finally doing my intro. I've built about 4 or 5 bikes to Date and a few E-Bike builds as well. Im 34 and really am getting I to the whole...
  2. broke and hungry

    Carroll Shelby Felt Cruiser

    Super clean collectors quality Felt Shelby #234 The bike, which was available worldwide on a limited edition basis, is a homage to Shelby’s iconic work and features the same Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue paint job used on classic cars like the Mustang GT350. This Felt Shelby was acquired...
  3. broke and hungry

    Felt Cruiser Tank Sealing

    Felt Cruiser Tank Sealing The tank on the Felt Cruisers are not air / fluid tight from the factory and some easy modifications to seal the tank is needed prior to adding fuel for use. I highly suggest that you do this part of your build prior to any assembly as the tank / frame will need...