fat tire motorized bike

  1. C

    Compatability question

    could i put this engine: https://www.gasbike.net/collections/2-stroke-bicycle-engine-kits/products/raw-racer-ii-100cc-bicycle-engine-kit on this bike : https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-2580713/mens-dynacraft-26-inch-wheel-krusher-fat-tire-mountain-bike.jsp?skuId=38211452 what problems might i...
  2. breath_easy13

    Fat tire Build

    Hey, new to the site, fairly new to building bikes. After lots of reading I've decided to go with a motorized fat tire bike. I wanted more of a cafe racer look, but i also want fat tires, and the old cruiser type mountain bikes just dont have fat enough tires. anyway, heres the build. Also...
  3. slump

    New stretch cruiser build imperial x peek cycles frame

    New build for 2018-2019: hand made frame designed by imperial cycles and handmade by peek cyclea, fat tire mag rims, 4” balloon tires, shortened clubman bars, chrome fat tire triple tree fork, front and rear disk brakes, fat tire bottom bracket, and leather springer saddle. Thinking of adding a...
  4. slump

    Predator 212 custom fat tire build

    Lots of work into this build for shiny side up 2017 and is a late post but I finally got some time to put it up here. As for the build : I custom made the fat tire bike frame from customizing a mongoose fat tire bike. I customized a girvin linkage fork by widening it out to fit 4" rim and had to...