1. B

    Engines over 5Hp

    Hi, Very new to this site, but look forward to participating. I have a complete Harley "hummer" style project in my garage. I think the original motor is about 5hp. I was wondering what the choices are for motors above 5 hp. I also have 3 extra frames I might experiment with. My builds...
  2. C

    chain drive centrifugal supercharger

    xct2ive been thinking of ways to get more from an engine without modifying the engine itself and I thought of a small supercharger with the rotor driven by the chain and a relief/blowoff valve between the charger and the intake. im currently making a rough 3D model using google sketchup and Ill...
  3. F

    Morini engines?

    I can have this engine for 300 dollars. What engine is this and are they fast? Any mod options?
  4. M

    idle to gear

    When i am stopped at light or at a stop sign and i put the bike in idle by pulling the clutch. When the light turns green and i give it gas while realeseing the clutch the engine just dies i must start moving before i realese the clutch and keep riding.usflg.flg. how do i fix that or is that the...
  5. crmachineman

    High Performance Intake Manifold

    Hello. I love all of the experimenting many of us are doing. I would like to offer you all our new, radically different intake manifold for the china girl engines. We make them here in New Hampshire USA! I have read many reports of people having difficulties getting the CNS carburetor to work...
  6. nidyanazo

    *vid* Inside a MOTOVELO bike engine (what makes them the best)

    Check out this quick video.. Any questions feel free to call! 805-637-1746 http://www.motovelo.us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awqIdRUlnX4
  7. nidyanazo

    Hundreds of kits in stock, same day shipping

    Seems like alot of suppliers are out of stock, just wanted to let those of you looking for a kit know we have tons available and ready for immediate dispatch! Check us out @ www.motovelo.us Our fedex shipping includes free overnight delivery in SoCal, and gurenteed 2-day delivery anywhere in...
  8. nidyanazo

    Fun high speed corners

    YouTube - ‪www.Motovelo.US - Extreme performance bicycle engine kits! CA approved! $250 shipped!‬‏