engine issues

  1. D

    Won't start

    So I had a front tire blow out last week handle bars turned snapped my spark plug cable I spliced wires but it will not turn over any ideas?
  2. K2961

    Help Me Please..Fed up with this bike!!

    First, Thank you to anyone who replies...I am not a mechanic so please keep it simple..I have learned a lot about the bike but not anything super technical. 1) The bike drive sprocket is locked up, it wont move, not backward, not forward. I saw a youtube video saying that I should remove the...
  3. Grimm Gunn

    Head gasket leaking...

    Hey All!!! I have a Power King 80cc engine and it's losing power. I have a lot of oil on the front of the engine. I've replaced the plug, and both the head and exhaust gaskets to no avail. now my engine is making a "humming" sound, kinda like a tight load strap does on the back of a truck. So...
  4. W

    AZ newbie

    Hello, my name is Brandon. I recently bought a used two stroke Schwinn Stingray OCC off a guy who had tweaked and cleaned up the bike from the first owner. I am completely new to motorized bikes but have been looking at them for months. I really know nothing about tuning it up except what I've...
  5. M

    Engine not getting fuel - help?

    Hey all, I just finished putting together my first kit, and it all seems to have gone great, except one little problem - it isn't starting. After some tinkering (don't have much experience in this stuff, but I catch on quick enough) I believe I've found the problem to be that gas is not going...