1. Noxuz

    Looking to build the ultimate mountain Motorized Bicycle

    Hello!! after lots of thinking and searching for upgrades for my motorized bike i came to some conclusions. -Nice suspension forks only come in OVER size frames -Over frames are mainly of aluminium and really rarely are big enough for a motor. -Motor perfect frames are for standard forks and...
  2. Ruby478

    My motorized bicycle design

    [/url] bike design by Ruby478, on Flickr[/IMG] when i get some money together im going to build this right away its been sitting there waiting to be built
  3. nidyanazo

    Straight plug engines are better than angle plug engines

    It's getting almost comical the amount of customers who want the angle plug engines (we do sell both types) simply because they think the angled plug is a better engine with more power. A centered spark plug will promote a more even burn, with the combustion force able to spread out evenly...