1. J

    Just finished my first build! PK-80 Cranbrook!

    Hello every one im John and I have been reading post on this website for about a month. I just got my PK-80 engine from Pirate Cycles thursday and from me reasearching this site enough I knew exactly how to put it on my hufffy cranbrook that i bought brand new on monday! some of the things ive...
  2. J

    I ordered from pirate cycles and no response!

    Hello I'm John I'm new to motorized bikes but I just ordered my first engine from pirate cycles yesterday morning. It a black pk80. I ordered from pirate cycles because I heard great things about them but for some reason they will not answer the phone or my emails. I am worried that I might get...
  3. Ruby478

    I officially love Pirate Cycles !!!!

    I just wanna say major thanx to everyone at Pirate Cycles for what they did i really appreciate it. Last week i order two of their black t-shirts and a gasket Today the order arrived and i was genuinely surprised to see that inside were 2 grey t-shirts along with the 2 black t-shirts, the...