custom motorized bike
  1. D

    99cc Predator - Belt Drive - Homemade Non-Kit - My first build.

    Hello all, I completed my first build about a year ago. Since then I've put over 2000 miles on it and she's running strong. I started with a kit and and that motor crapped out on me pretty soon (about 300 miles or so, maybe less). So I went to the drawing board. I purchased a 79cc greyhound...
  2. SDLocal

    Motorized Felt for sale

    I have an aluminum Felt Speedway I decided to sell. New 80cc motor, custom welded sbp pipe, In frame gas tank, 24" wheels with 3" wide thick brick tires (same overall diameter as a 26" wheel/tire), cnc machined motor mounts, 40t sprocket/hub adapter and chain tensioner. More pics and info at...