cross country
  1. J

    Florida to new Mexico

    Wanted to start a thread about going cross country. I'm not real good at telling lies or writeing them, I'm going to try Too learn how to upload some photos any help would be appreciated. I have been around lurking since I got the internet. Well I started a cg but have moved to friction drive.
  2. Jacob Cammack

    Greetings! Looking for advice on cross country setup.

    Hello, Brand new here and happy to find ya'll. I'm wanting to get setup on a motorized bicycle. Been a bicyclist for a long time, as well as a pedicab driver and was about to buy a motorcycle for some upcoming travels and then thought... "Hey... a motorized bike doesn't need to be licensed, is...
  3. D

    SCOOBI Cross Country Touring Bike Info Anyone?

    MBA Motors SCOOBI Cross Country Touring Bike? Anyone know about this bike. I have been unable to get any info. I'll be restoring it soon and will need parts. I'm at a loss!