1. B

    Cafe Racer looking build

    This is my first build and it has been a pain in the arse (nothing new about bikes haha). I had begun the build with the hopes of fitting the engine on a smaller frame with larger diameter wheels, I'm not fond of big bikes with small engines. Anyways this is how it turned out. Positive...
  2. B

    chopper bike? stingray vs. other

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and world of motor bikes but very excited to be joining. For my first bike, I want a cool looking chopper bike with an 66cc (80cc) motor with a budget of about $400. I am not quite sure what bike to use though... All i can find om craigslist is the schwinn...
  3. waistofhumanspace

    Tree Bike!

    While walking threw the woods behind my neighbors garage looking for Morrell mushrooms with the old fella we came across this cool find. The tree is growing threw the rim,...He said I could have "the old junk" if I wanted it!
  4. K

    Motorized bike??

    okay so i have a 30cc friction bike that runs 30 mph, and it runs good. On my next bike it will be chain driven, and i dont need to be able to pedal, but i would like to put a shifter kit or transmission. the motor is a 6.5 hp 4 stroke honda. also i think i should use a mountain bike because...