1. KiLlEr_MiKe420

    Schwinn Sting-Ray Mounting Question

    Well i just bought a Schwinn Sting-Ray motorized bicycle that has what i hear is a 49 or 50cc motor. Well it seized up so im buying a new one but i was wanting to put an 80cc motor on it but i cant find any that match the mount that is welded on the frame. So my question is does anyone know...
  2. C

    mmmnehh...motored bikes

    greetings from Canada........uhh....I`ve been scoping this site for a while now..and I figured why not, I`ll just join. I`ve built a few choppers and `69 Chevelle...these bikes are just a fun way to get the the liquor store and around town. In a few weeks I`ll have my latest build done and I`ll...