1. KC Roy

    2 cycle question

    hey guys, this is for a chainsaw but you all see to know more than the other forums when it comes to this stuff so though i would try my question here first. my chain saw (after my cousin borrowed it) wouldn't start. fuel line looked crappy so replaced it and the filter. the plug will not get...
  2. TheNecromancer13

    58V electric chainsaw to power bike?

    So I'm thinking of making a bike with this electric chainsaw as the power source: It would require very little modification, as it already has a variable speed throttle, a clutch, and the...
  3. N

    New To This

    I've never modded a bike before, but I'm planning on motorizing one this winter. I'm just looking for some suggestions on some ideas I've been having on how to go about this project. My plan is this: mount a high cc chainsaw motor (no I'm not using the standard kits for this) over the back tire...