1. K

    Advice appreciated

    Hi all, long time listener first time caller here. So my bike has a 4-stroke hua sheng 49cc engine with the centrifugal (automatic) clutch. Today I was riding and something happened with the clutch so that it changed to being permanently engaged. I would appreciate any advice as to a fix. I...
  2. madwheels37

    Pull Starts SUCK!!!!!

    I can't believe this is $50 I have put into magnetos because of the pull start mechanism. I have replaced 3 times and now a 4th purchase will have to made. This is so annoying. And magnetos are Not the easiest thing to take out and replace. It has to be done, but damn it, I just want it to...
  3. madwheels37

    Centrifugal Clutch Instructions Available Here

    Here is your link to view step-by-step instructions on how to install a centrifugal clutch... Motorized Bicycle Centrifugal Clutch Install
  4. madwheels37

    Centrifugal Clutch Bolt??? What is it?

    Sorry don't know what this bolt is for? Smooth like a pin then threaded...Here's a pic. Thank you.
  5. madwheels37

    Centrifugal Clutch Bolt/Part???? What is this?

    Could someone please tell me what this bolt is used for with the centrifugal clutch kits? I couldn't come up with anything, and it doesn't show to use it in the installation papers form anywhere on the internet. ??? Thanx