1. RocketJ

    Let's build a V twin engine

    Gents, It's time to discuss the elephant in the room: v twins! For years, this forum has been asking about the ability to use a v twin in a frame and this summer I plan on making that a reality. Several months ago I saw a v twin air compressor pump and wondered if it was possible to convert one...
  2. RocketJ

    [Capital region, NY] I need help welding my rear end

    I'm in the middle of building an indian powerplus replica and I need to put a pivot in the rear end. I pretty much just need some small tubing welded to it, but I currently don't have a worker welder. Is anyone near the Albany area that could help me?
  3. Zinger

    Let's ride

    Well not quite yet. Gathering all the pieces to do a Briggs powered Emory Cruiser. And then hopefully a Morini powered Worksman BTR. Met a few of you at the first Grange race. Good fun ! Good people ! Any folks in Las Vegas drop me a line. Always looking for other like minds. Christopher