billet intake aluminum
  1. hawaii_87

    CNS+MM Intake= Holy $@*# (Wait did I just get bleeped)

    So for anyone who blasts the CNS carb. YOUR LAZY!!! Yeah sorry your lazy. You want something that's plug and play, and no tuning involved.Sorry bub not going to happen with your bike. Pair the CNS to a MM Billet Intake and ditch the spacer and you got one helluva fast ride. I got a CNS and spent...
  2. Vfalpha-1

    Modus hub for sale never used with ported intake 50$

    I am selling the modus hub (29.99-30.14 mm hubs or 1.182" TO 1.187") I ordered from pirate cycles because i could not use it in my build it has never been used only taken out of the package and has been sitting on a rubber mat to protect it for a few weeks, I am also including the pirate cycles...