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    bajasports 49cc

    if ne wants a baja motorsports 49cc engine i have one for sale. its slightly used but still in superb shape. it has most the parts but some are a lil rigged like the connector for the spark plug but it all still works. it originally came off of a dirt runner 49 which u can find all the engine...
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    My first motorized CAFE Bike BUILD

    .wee..wee.Here it is! I have been snooping on this forum for a while. My CAFE RACER is almost done. I have had some issues with the exhaust as u can see. I have stripped it and it runs like a bat out of ****. I just need to finish my seat and put some new slick tread on my wheels and its ready...
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    having a hard time finding where to buy motorbike kit in california. Also, wondering if it's legal and licensing requirements.