bicycle motor kits
  1. G

    california laws on motorized bicycle help!!!!

    hello i am new here and i have been thinking about building a motorized bicycle for a few years now!!! and i just realized that there are some laws regarding gas motorized bicycles!! i just bought a 66cc bicycle kit although i am now considering returning it. it turns out you need to have a m2...
  2. MadMannArt

    Madmannart Is Mad

    I started this thread because of a major issue that I had with a certain supplier... I have found a new cylinder and have ordered it. In digging deep enough through this forum, I found ThatsDax Bicycle engines... Now skeptical about vendors, I gave him a call, to test the waters... Duanne...
  3. J

    used bicycle motor needed

    hi. i would like to buy a used bicycle motor kit. i live in port richey, florida [email protected] 7278087917 :-||