base gasket
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    Gaskets for sale

    If anyone needs gaskets I pretty much have all gaskets for sale except head gaskets. Just PM me if you are interested! Thanks!
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    Strontium's Copper Coated Laser Cut gaskets

    Some of you are already familiar with my laser cut gaskets, I appreciate each and every one of your business. I'm introducing my new line of copper coated gaskets that gives an extra layer of thermal protection as well as a great thermal conductivity between the gasket and connecting metal part...
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    Cylinder Base Gasket/Permatex Ultra Blue

    Has anybody successfully used Permatex Ultra Blue silicone gasket maker (or something similar) to replace the Cylinder Base gasket? I had to take the cylinder apart and that base gasket got torn up and I was wondering if the silicone can be used instead of having to wait for a new one to be...