1. T

    Engine Backwards need help (can't mount any other way)

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong section, so I have a pretty sweet cruiser, but I can't make it drive yet because I have no idea how the heck I'm gonna make the output shaft spin clockwise to make the bike go forward instead of backwards You see the engine is mounted backwards it just doesn't...
  2. A

    Engine running backwards after replacing magneto, CDI, and plug?

    My engine died months ago after getting water into the magneto housing. Turned out the water fried the magneto, CDI, and the plug. After replacing all three components, the engine starts just fine...but it runs backwards. I cannot for the life of me explain how this happened. Any idea how...
  3. kdaddy1980

    Backwards Head

    im building this new bike its a shimano 21 speed. its got really large tubes in the frame and there is only so much space in the v portion of the bike. Ive got a 48cc skyhawk and the spark plug normally points to the rear but on this bike the spark plug sticking up and there is no room to fit...