1. C

    aussie laws: where do you ride??

    so the other day my bike was stolen... i was pissed as anything... today i got a call from the police saying that they have it made my day much better but then i realized that my bike isnt legal... then i realized anything motor that puts out more than 200 watts is illegal to ride in public now...
  2. 2

    new guy from australia.

    G'day my name is Aidan im from NSW Australia and im keen to get into motorised bicycling. i have been tinkering and building machines ever since i can remember and i have even built an electric toyota hilux (was not an enjoyable experience) and because of that build i have decided i want to stay...
  3. FPSaustralia

    [B]Dose any one konw the law in QLD? [/B]

    hey i was wondering if any one konw tha motoredbycles laws in QLD in auz ? :) .duh.
  4. P

    Hello from Tassie.

    Hello, I'm Purrs, I'm 16. My Hobbies include such wonderful things as: Making things from wood. Stepladders, etc. Playing with fire, although less so now. Hugging people. I like cats and vodka. :3 I tend to be very blunt and to-the-point, and I have a dark sense of humor...