12ga spokes

  1. G3R0N1M0

    Heavy Duty Wheels

    Hi Motor bicyclers I know from experience that we like to run wheels that have 12g spokes. But the only problem is that its hard to find them for Mountain bikes. Well it was hard for me to find them. Any ways I did find some that where pretty cheap (around $50 with expedited shipping) and so far...
  2. N

    Broken 3 12ga spokes using a Manic Mechanic Adapter..How to fix??

    I've got a wheel from my local bike shop that supposedly more heavily built with 12ga spokes coster brake arm says HiStop and the sticker said 26x 2.125 Wheel Master so not sure what it is and i'm using a Manic Mechanic adapter clamp. Since i built the bike i've constantly had problems with the...