Big D's Git-A-Rounds

The Little Woody

A Trycycle with a BAD !, Attitude !! Made by:
Big D's git-A-Rounds
26" frame $100.00 spacial from wal-mart converted to trike, put 24'X2.50 white walls, on rear 24X1.25 black wall on front, 28" chopper forks & triple trees, ape hangers,bugs eye mirrors, leaf spring seat post, seat is new school banana seat covered w/3" hard cell foam, then patchwork dark suede leather, wooden flatbed w/rails, front & rear fenders of bentwood ( yes I said bentwood ) oak w/birdseye maple pin-strping, brass chrome struts brass bolts w/brass acorn nuts rear gate that opened,66cc one thumper, standered NT carb. SOLD FOR: $1750.00 ( camera broke before could take pics. of trike with fenders )
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