Project: Custom Grip Shifter

I have a shift kit installed on my bike, so, just as others have done, I opted to use a grip shifter intended for the right side on the left side. For me this posed a few issues. For one the numbers were upside down and not in positions that faced me. Anyone that has done this will know what I am talking about. Also, I wanted it to match my rubber/aluminum grip of the right side. I didn't want to just cut my grip in half and use the standard rubber on the grip shifter. It wouldn't match the right side and would drive me crazy. Initially, I turned down all of the rubber on the shifter and installed the aluminum sleeve. While it looked great and matched the other side perfectly, it had little to no grip when trying to shift. I came up with a paddle to aid in shifting. The difference was night and day. Now it shifts effortlessly.....
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