Project: Alternator Pulley Cover

Just a little project on my alternator pulley so that it matches the design of my mag wheels and overall theme of the rest of the bike. Charging system under construction, figuring out rpm's, regulator/rectifier, etc, but is well under way. Alternator uses a 2L belt which somewhat limits drive pulley selection unless I fabricate my own, which I will end up doing anyway. While I am at it I will machine the alternator pulley to the next belt size up, 3L. Towards the end of this bike project when I have it all apart I will make cutouts on my front chainrings to match as well.....

EDIT: Change in plans. The cardboard mock up of the large pulley I was going to fabricate which runs off of the jackshaft has now been become my plan "B". A shame too since I already have the large pulley 50% done, but, I came up with a way to run it off of the crankshaft instead, which is what I wanted in the first place. This way it runs 100% of the time, not just when the clutch is engaged. If that doesn't go as planned, I will go back and finish the large pulley and drive it off of the jackshaft.....
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