My Boats

My 2 boats:
17ft flat bottom riverboat. 30hp 4 stroke Honda outboard stick steering, 21ft trailer
14ft Stratos 70hp Evinrude Outboard motor, 17ft trailer (looks like crap cuz the owner before me(a cousin) never once rinsed the boat or trailer off). The trailer parts(springs, bolts, wheel hubs, lugnuts)are all rusted and salt-encrusted to the trailer I replace one part in the 70hp Evinrude engine and its been running great for 2 years. Runs best without the thermostat. Replaced rollers, coupler, crank. Need to replace all brackets, springs, bolts, axle, balloon tires. The boat and trailer is 22 years old and still runnin' Have a Garmin depth finder. Original depthfinder that came with the boat was way off. It said 10 ft and we ran aground on a sand bar once and later that day i ripped out that depth sounder and put in a new one i had sittin' in my garage. I LOVE to fish!
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