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Default Re: has anyone seen this?

Originally Posted by xPosTech View Post
It really shouldn't be all that hard to take power off the other side of the clutch. Jim (Creative Engineering) could do it, no sweat. Leave the actuator where it is. Mainly just another clutch cover with bearing and output sprocket.

That would leave the other end of the clutch shaft for the hydraulic pump. For the lowrider shocks/drops.

Yeah, I dream a lot. But I did cut out the technicolor!

I am nearly finished with another assembly for our guys in Iraq. I probably won't have an order for another until January...Bike Time!!!

I've had quite a few who have said they would pay for a well prepped engine.
The fun of this hobby is the fact that it's relatively cheap.

Let's look at the ways that we can maximize what we already have, with simple inprovements before going to a full blown rework. Of course I will share my ideas regarding improvements.

Yes I can do a major rework in my shop for my own entertainment, but that doesn't mean it's practical!

I just do it for fun.

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