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Default Re: has anyone seen this?

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post

Nice research job! Interesting stuff...far more interesting than the Revo site.

Can you image what a remake of the German Megola radial would cost today. $$$

The BSA wheel on the other hand shows a design that has real potential for further development.

I don't really know what it would cost to build something like the Megola today but I imagine it wouldn't be cheap. The bike did do 80mph though.

The B.S.A. winged wheel and the Cyclemaster are much more common than the others and you may be able to find one on Ebay if you look long enough. It may have some potential but I think redesigning the Chinese motors would be simpler and provide a better return. It really doesn't get much simpler than one of these Chinese 2 strokes. There are already thousands of people familiar with the design and many would be interested in greater performance or reliability.

Thousands of potential customers and they all have a bike that is already setup for one of these engines.

I know I would be interested. I would also love to see one with the drive on the opposite side. The Shift kits work well but simpler is still better.

The powered wheels are interesting but they don't really interest me. They will never have enough power due to space restraints.

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