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Default Re: has anyone seen this?

The RevoWheel will probably fizzle-out. Hopefully there will not be too many people who end up financially hurt.

Don't get me wrong...the guy may pull it off and make it a success...the web site suggests that it will be highly unlikely that this is a success. It's smoke and mirrors. I know to some this may sound odd...but I've been around this block many times before.

I've been involved in new product development for years. Several times a year I am approached by someone with stars in their eyes and get rich products. The reality is always sobering.

The design and prototype represent only a small fraction of the effort required to launch a product. Especially a product of this scale!

Perceived value vs cost is the number one factor that will make or break a product. A new product MUST offer a benefit to the consumer that is in-line with the cost.

The RevoWheel has a projected retail price of $600.00. I don't think this will make it, as far as perceived value vs cost is concerned. I'm sure at this point, (assuming this project is moving forward), the emphasis is on just how to produce this item at a realistic retail price.

Down stream, (after the product launch),...quality issues, longevity, all contribute to the bottom line regarding profitability.

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