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Default Re: has anyone seen this?

The Revopower wheel isn't anything new. One of the earliest motorcycles used an in wheel design. In 1892!

1892/3 Felix Millet

However the most similar design to the Revopower wheel is probably the one that Singer produced as early as 1900. It too was marketed as a replacement wheel for a bicycle.

1900 Singer Wheel

1904 Singer Wheel

Singer originally obtained the design from Perks and Birch and the look of it is suprising similar to the Revopower version.

Perks and Birch

Singer wasn't the only company to produce an in wheel design.

Megola also did something like this:

Megola Radial

Yet another version was manufactured by Cyclemaster

Cyclemaster Motor Wheel

More on the Cyclemaster


B.S.A Winged Wheel

B.S.A. Winged Wheel photo

As you can see this design is neither new nor is it unfunctional.

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