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Default Re: Sand And Weighting ?s

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
If you have some web space you can just use the [ img ]http url to .jpg pic[ /img ] without the spaces in the [] tags.
Best to keep pics at 640 pixels wide or less.

Full suspension bikes aren't hard, just use a jackshaft and completely eliminate the second chain.

As for tires, Kenda's are good.
I could be biased though, my wife of 25 years is named Kenda ;-}
Quite a unique name haha. Jackshaft is out of the budget the bikes aren't legal here so not investing a whole lot. It's just a toy for a few months until I move on (don't know if ill ever stop loving modding and applications of 2 strokes) to something better as funds allow. The main' problem with full susp. bikes is engine mount. Some have the spring behind the seatpost, most infront so if you want to mount in frame space you have a real tight fit. For any budget bike. If I had the tools or access to more I'd build a custome frame in no time. I've added two tubes of old silicone down the seatpost shaft, oiled up the chain and cleaned her off(not that it was worth it rusted, mis matched coloured parts.) running smooth as silk except for a couple missing ball bearings in the steering mechanism. Bike seems more solid might just be placebo, I'll add some more tubes, then the motor hahaha. Anyone Have experience with this pipe?

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