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Post Shifter Kit - Another DELAY announcement

Shifter Kit - Another DELAY announcement

Folks - solely due to just one part # all in a singular lost box, we may have to again move out our July 14 go live date for the Shifter Kit. The box, out of a valuable shipment was lost by DHL. (NEVER, EVER use DHL).

We have kits all complete, waiting for this one part. DHL has been searching for it for coming up on two weeks. This sucks very bad for us, we have a ton of money into parts now. We are just eating the inventory costs big-time. I know many of you have been PM'ing and emailing us. We just can't take prepayment when we don't have a hard date. If we have to get the part manufactured again, we aren't sure of a due date yet.

We are praying that this breaks free and the parts arrive soon - but at this point that would truly be a miracle. We will keep you informed.


Paul and Jim
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