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Old 04-08-2010, 09:43 PM
northshorepaul northshorepaul is offline
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Default Hello from the Former Republic of Louisiana

Wow, this is a great site! I've recently become interested (again) in motor bicycling. I joined the site and have found a wealth of knowledge regarding motoring my bike. I started doing this in 1962 with an old Clinton lawn mower engine and bike parts. Naturally this led me into motorcycling starting with the 50 cc Honda's, then 90, 350, 700, 1000 and finally reaching the apex of 1340cc with my Harley. Well I sold the Harley several years ago and my bikes have been growing progressively smaller (is that an oxymoron?) in displacement. Now after all these years I have the yearning to again put a motor on my bike! Only the choices today are so numerous it is like bringing kids to that 52 flavor ice cream parlor and asking them what flavor do they want. It was so simple when it was only chocolate and vanilla. I know I want the 4 stroke engine but which one? Rear drive with a roller...or mid-frame mount with a shifter and jack shaft...or is it the left side drive with the sprocket attached to the spokes? And then the choice of transmission...chain, belt, gears, centrifugal clutch on the engine or the driven sprocket/pulley? And if money is no object there is the choice of the NuVinci! All those decisions involve the power train, now what bike will I put it on? When I was a kid the only bike to have was a Schwinn, but alas today the only thing today's Schwinn and yesterday's have in common is the name. So, will it be a hybrid, a cruiser, an extended frame, crank forward like the townie? I don't know and I will depend on the seasoned folks here to guide me in the right direction for me with the understanding that what is just right for me may not be your cup of tea. So guys, thanks in advance for any information you may provide that will help me in finally finishing that project I started back in the summer of 1962...the project that is never ever completed because we are always looking for that bike/motor that will be just a little bit better than what we have.
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Old 04-08-2010, 10:06 PM
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Default Re: Hello from the Former Republic of Louisiana

Howdy Paul, welcome. One of my favorite things about this crazy and your right, never finished. I personally think we all need 3 MBs. The one we're ridding, the one we're building and the one we're planning...

Great to meet ya. Build some thing cool and post lots of pics!
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Old 04-20-2010, 10:13 AM
Gator Wrestler Gator Wrestler is offline
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Default Re: Hello from the Former Republic of Louisiana

Welcome Paul,

So you live on the north shore. I live in Livingston parish close to Springfield. I have built a few bikes and the one I like best is a DIY. I used a HF 2.5 on a bike I got free on Craigs list. With a 12 to 1 drive ratio it'll do a bit over 40MPH. I have plans for another with the HF with a torque converter. That will be the ultimate DIY fun ride.

Good luck with you build.

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