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Motorized Bicycle Trouble Shooting Use this area to post problems that may arise, if you could use some help in figuring out what is wrong with your engine and what needs to be done to achieve top performance.

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Old 07-24-2013, 09:23 AM
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Default Re: 80cc wont accelerate!

I got a stock pipe from craigslist, gave it the ol heat treatment and wham bam bent it a bit. When mounting it I realized it wasn't nearly enough of a bend so I mounted it upside down and took it our for a spin. It rattled loose while riding so I pedaled home tightened it and used the muffler clamp the kit provided. The muffler held on great after putting the clamp on, until the weld broke where it meets the down pipe attached to the engine -_-
The head studs are still good but I pretty much just spent $20 on nothing although after seeing quite a bit of rust inside the muffler im starting to doubt they where in fact new like the ad had suggested. I think I'm going to repair the stock one and mod the original I already hollowed out to what I desire (expansion chamber and extended to the rear of the bike)
Is there anything like porting or upgraded jets that I will need If I decide to go with the expansion chamber?
I really enjoyed my bike being loud but not THAT loud, I listen to music at an obnoxiously loud level and this even hurts my ears! It might have something to do with the exhaust being up side down pointed directly at them
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Old 07-24-2013, 11:08 AM
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Default Re: 80cc wont accelerate!

Best link for all the info you need I could find, On the "other" site.
Looks like they don't let you post links from the "other" site.
Just look up Jaguar on

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