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Default Re: Hello all! I need some help!

Got any pictures of your bike?

About the only thing I can add is little details like obviously twist grip shifters are a problem if you have them as you will need to replace the right one w/a throttle. It's not a huge deal as you can replace it - but that brings up another aspect, upgrading components.

Should you wish disk brakes or w/e, oftentimes these various modifications can exceed the value of the bike itself - if there are too many, such as front suspension etc., you could be better off looking for a bike specifically for this project including the features you would want.

Another way to look at it (and what I did) is to view this first motorized bicycle as a "prototype" and build it to learn what you like, don't like, didn't think of the first time. I erred by modifying a motor mount, so now my engine wont fit in another. Not a huge problem as these kits are inexpensive - but it's something to keep in mind.

BTW - awesome! Welcome to the family, yer gonna love it!
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