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Default What is you're motorized bicycle passion?

If I have learned anything on this forum it is that you people are REALLY into you're bikes. I see that some of you have multiple motorized bicycles at home. Others have work shops with expensive machinery devoted to MBs. Others have companies. And lots, like me, just really like 'em a lot and would like to have more some day.

So, what is you're motorized bicycle passion. Just ride with the wind, near and far? Something to tinker with in you're free time? Running a motorized bicycle business or at least trying to get one going?

Myself, I have my first bike running. I'll use it a lot to save gas and have fun around my area, as soon as I get it all legal. It was a blast putting it together and even more fun to ride. My wife's motor should be here tomorrow, and shes a little excited about it.

I would love it if someone offered me a few bucks to put a motor on their bike or to buy a motorized bicycle from me.

Motorbike building is a good guy thing. Its as complex as you want it to be or as simple. But its still a guy (and some gals).

I hope to find a way to get more involved with it.

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