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Default Re: working crusier without a tensioner

Hi, well my particular build did'nt just work out that way I put the tensioner on at first, it did'nt fit the frame right so I could never get it clamped down tight enough for it to do the job to begin with. Then when it received some real tension fom the chain it bent in toward the spokes and bent the rim, after replacing the rim and of course changing everything out again sprocket ect. I felt well this is going to happen again FIX IT.
Thats when I seen that by taking out four of the links in the chain I could just get the chain master link on with no tensioner, but there was no slack in the chain so I took the engine off and filed down the rear motor mount block that slides onto the two bolts that thread into the engine its self, I filed maybe an 1/8" off the flat part of that motor mount block and got the proper slack in the chain that was needed to operate correctly. So I figure IF the chain stretches I can always put a spacer back into that spot that I filed away on that motor mount, if it streches even more I'll take out one more link in the chain.
To me it beats bent replacing high dollar rims and making up skate board wheeels, derailers, and what ever kind of brackets that have to be made up in order to fix what I think is a design flaw.
If I need to take the rim or engine off all I have to do is disconnect the master link and the chain is off.
If somebody on the forum can see where I'm developing some other problem, that I'm not seeing please let me know I'm new at this and learning too. Thanks
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