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Default Re: Need a little contructive Criticism (No Hooter's Link) =)

Originally Posted by Ghost0 View Post
I have seen all this before and have commented on most of what you all have already said. I was never provided a good photo of the right side of the bike so I did not see that the chainring and freewheel assembly was wrong. I will snap a few pics to show how it is done.

First note there is no oil leaking everywhere, if there is a leak there is something wrong at it should be fixed. If your engine is not clean when something does start to go wrong you will never know it.

Also note the use of the chain adjuster and the correctly assembly of the chainrings to the freewheel. The larger chainring goes outside of the freewheel flange.

There are also no unnecessary items and everything is where it belongs. No wires hanging here or there. Everything has a purpose and everything has its place. Hope this helps.
Did you notice the conglomeration of brackets by my Carburator? Well im wondering if I should take it off? I thought that I could use it as a substitute to the bracket was was suppost to put? I think it helps though.
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