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Default Re: Need a little contructive Criticism (No Hooter's Link) =)

Originally Posted by StrontiumEthics View Post
What do you mean by my freewheel goes on the inside? And I did correct the Chain Tensioner, its no longer there. My bike frame was really a BIG problem I didnt figure this out until I brought it. The rear stays were designed funny (messing with my bike chain when I put in the SBP front freewheel), and the tubes were big...
I didn't mean to come on as overly harsh. You asked for brutal honesty. I was a tired dog last night.

Yes look at the installation instructions starting on Page 3

I've asked Jim (Ghost0) to come into this thread, but the SBP chain tensioner serves two purposes, it does the obvious, and it also stabilizes your engine with a minimum of effort and bracketry.

I did see the half link....I said I didn't list everything......Jim should wake up soon...maybe I'll call him.
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