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Default Re: Need a little contructive Criticism (No Hooter's Link) =)

Yes I know that not everyone has a welder. I put my post to make you feel better! If you look closely mines funny too .LOL My muffler looks like bat droppings for welds. I will clean it up later . The muffler is supported at the rear with a bracket welded and bolted to the unused brake mount hole. That was the only weld that came out the best you cant see. Go figure. The SBP j shaft is a good kit! I just wanted to trick mine out. I do kinda like the pipe this way . I get the Idea I am really lubing that exhaust port.

Last night I had a nightmare last night! I dreamed I was a muffler! Its true................... In the morning I was exhausted!
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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