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Default Re: Need a little contructive Criticism (No Hooter's Link) =)

Whats all that random bracket handiwork for near the carb? Looks dangerous.

Your "tensioner" certainly is. If you absolutely must run a secondary drive chain tensioner move it to the slack side. The idler wheel is under load ready to fold up under pressure into the wheel, drive chain or both causing a expensive and painful lockup in a mess of flying spokes and two fast moving bike chains. ( Not forgetting the blood & bruises )

Redo the front mount with straight metal parts, not bent scrap.

Redo the exhaust, header length should be about 12" and not coat the motor with crap.

Terminate the white wire properly. When it shorts It kills the engine.

Terminate your clutch cable, the frayed end will draw blood.

I also think your front sprocket may be bolted up wrong, the pic is a little dark to confirm.

Its a messy install, too much scrap metal and exhaust clamps (you asked for criticism )

And finally, don't ride it until its fixed.

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