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Default Re: BrettMavrik's Production Bobber Frame For Builders Has Begun...

Mornin,' MB'ers...

Did some more work last night. I finished up the original style isolated motor mounts and now the HT is sittin' pretty. I'm going to rework the front mount to get the motor tucked up near the front downtube a little more. The motor is clocked as to take on the stock position with a stock carb intake at level, so it follows the lines of the bike nicely. If my calculations are correct, you guys who bought the fancy chopper exhaust pipe should have no problems bolting it right up to this frame.

See! I'm thinkin' ahead... =-]'

The jackshaft mount is next. You can see its' tubing clamp on the frame.
You see how everything can be maneuvered to get it all just right and the perfect tension on all chains?
This bike will be a very easy build for anyone.


My Production Bobber Build Up
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