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Smile Re: 6 v lighting systems

Originally Posted by hiker472 View Post
Well, on EBay you can find 3w 6v bulbs for cheap. If I remember the consenses for these motors, you want to stay within 3-4 watts.

For a 12v lighting system, there is a new option available which is the 12v generator (runs of your tire) and they rate as 12v 6w. Of course, because they haven't flooded the market yet, they run around $23 or so.

I would think that these generators could be utilized to run of the chain somehow, instead of the tires, and be fed through a regulator into your battery pack. This way, you would have light without the engine, for those "just in case" times.

Your battery packs are nothing more than standard NiMH or Lithium-Ion batteries, a lot of times, so it's easy to set one up yourself by just adding the the number of batteries you need for your required voltage.

Either way, there are a lot of possibilities to do this.
From previous experience with the friction type generators,they can easily
self destruct, especially at the higher speed of our MB's. I don't think that
they're capable of being reliable or long lasting at all.. But, it is a possibility
I guess. I would want to carry a spare generator with me though!
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