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Default Re: 6 v lighting systems

Originally Posted by Cabinfever1977 View Post
im using a 18v cordless tool battery - weighs 1 pound
and 2 12v car lights(1 dual clear clearance and 1 red dome trailer)$12
there hooked together in series to = 24volts
i have a inline fuse and a switch from a house fan $3
recharges in 1 hour,last many hours,mine still works like new a year later
cost $45 from walmart, extra batteries $18 but i dont need one

you could also use a 12v cordless battery
but the carlights are the way to go - they bolt to anything
and a quick charger is great

i havent tried the 6volt wire from mag yet but i might,i just have to get a 6volt light.
I have considered using a cordless tool battery,I just may break down and buy one just for the light system,I was holding out to find one at a flea mkt or pawn shop I am currently surviving a layoff so I need to be as frugal as possible....18 bucks isnt bad though.
I am still curious about the Mag,I worry about possible ignition issues if I run things off of it,Im told you can but I havent had any feedback. Its more of a P.I.T.A. to find 6v lights anyhow.I like the car light idea,seems like more to choose from....Thanx
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